Bettina Habig, aka "Texas Patti" is
Germany's most successful active porn
actress, living in Los Angeles since 2017. She became famous when the
BILD questioned the double standards of
her former employer.
He fired the dental assistant without
further ado, after he saw her DVD at the
register of an erotic shop.
This was followed by numerous awards,
including several Venus Awards for Best
The brunette also proves entrepreneurial
spirit with the management of the
production company Texaspatti
Productions GmbH. Cooperations with
Beate Uhse TV, Sky, Erotic Lounge, Heat
Free and VPS prove her right. In 2018, she
also successfully founded her own
production company in the USA.
Entertainment is also in her blood: As a
presenter of numerous shows and various
formats, she proves again and again to
new people that she can both enthrall
people and provide entertainment.
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