Business Development Officer at SoMee, I was here when it all started in 2017 basically a Co-Founder. Activist, retired-Anon humanitarian hacktivist (I hacked shit for causes and to make a statement) against censorship of ideas, and thoughts even if I disagree with them. I like to break things and fix them or make things work in a way not intended. My only crime is curiosity. In another life I worked as an investigative journalist published on some of the largest alternative media outlets. I work doing marketing in the WEB3 space with Blox Media Group as the lead researcher for WEB3 and a co-founder, working with all the influencers in crypto as a lead industry vetter with Bitboy Crypto, VCs, exchanges etc on the side. Known inside the industry as a super connector. Advisor for: SoMee, Faith Tribe, CEEK, 0x18 and several projects. #Marketing #Networking
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