Lucy Doll is a porn starlet with a unique claim to fame. Her voice sounds like a cartoon character cooing at you through the screen. Her voice is about 3 octaves higher than the average woman’s, and she loves to say things like, "Oh stepdaddy, cum now!" Many people have wondered if her voice is real, but who really cares? Every pornstar puts on some kind of act to give them an edge, so if that’s her schtick then let her have it; she’s hot and she can pull it off. At only 5’3" and 101lbs, she has 32A tits with a 26" waist and a 34" ass. Due to her unique vocals, she usually plays the naughty babysitter or stepdaughter who gets fucked with big cocks every hour of the day. Within that theme, this pint-sized slut has a few threesomes under her belt, as well as an interracial porn scene. >
Of French, German, and Spanish ancestry, Lucy looks like a dream with her long brown hair streaming down her back as cocks penetrate her pussy. Not just a high-pitched voice, Lucy uses her extreme flexibility for wild sex positions that other girls can’t do. Lucy hasn’t done many porn interviews, but she does have a Twitter account where you can follow her life as a stripper who regularly performs all across the nation. She also does live cam shows to interact with her adoring fans in an intimate setting.
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