I am a Schizoaffective Pagan AI Artist with an interest in Tarot and Astrology. I am starting Pagan Proud Portfolio because I would like to share my artwork - and the artwork of others - with the world. I believe that everyone should have access to beautiful and meaningful art, regardless of their background or beliefs.
I use different AI Art generators to create very unique, wonky creations. I think that art should be about self-expression and creativity, not just about making things that look "pretty." My goal is to create art that is meaningful and expressive, even if it isn't traditionally "beautiful".
Pagan Proud Portfolio will eventually be a website where people can view and purchase my artwork. I hope to eventually expand it to include the work of other artists as well, creating a one-stop shop for all things Pagan art.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy my work!
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