With this guidance in mind, here are the best eye creams that target dark circles—according to beauty experts, and our own skin-care cabinets. This under-eye dark circle removal cream is ideal for all skin types. It contains cucumber and peptides. This cream is one of the best creams for dark circles as it also lightens and tightens the under-eye skin. Meet the Eye Experts. Whether searching for the best anti-aging cream for eyes, the best eye cream for puffy eyes, an eye serum to target fine lines or an eye gel to renew and brighten eyes, we’ve got you covered. We also featured this eye cream in "36 Beauty Products With Results That'll Inspire You To Shake Up Your Normal Routine." Because of the delicate structure of the skin around the eyes, it's important to use a gentle touch. Also, for maximum results, apply your eye treatment on clean skin before you apply moisturizer. The latter can act as a barrier to your eye treatment.
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