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  • I'm not going to cross post the CONTENT of this....massively offensive post that was sent to me via messages, but, I will respond to it:

    Hes in a lot of debt. Just ask his former development team @BrianConte.
    - Brian has already tried to sue, but due to how things were handled on his end, he lost that case. So, not really true there at all.

    SoMee is about to be sued by Brian Conte:
    - We are not. We were in no breach of contract with the guy, and have paid what he was supposed to be paid, but did counter his claims for the mobile app, as they were not what was promised.

    Republic has been holding off because they were doing their due dilligence on SoMee.
    - SoMee Passed due dilligence with Republic (took about 2 years) and we were allowed to post on republic w/o issue. We had some issues w/ Republic directly where they kept forcing reconfirmation after material changes were made to the campaign, when they said they wouldn't, but other than that, our relationship with them, isn't even negative.

    Phillip getting put out of his home probably another scam
    - WTF is this nonsense? I moved my entire family from Las Vegas out to Colorado only to be scammed out of our future home by a fraudster who scammed more than 8 other people at the same time, for the same damn scam. We have a police case, FBI case, and were even on ABC news for it. You can read it here:

    And on CBS News:

    I mean, c'mon, hardly a scam if it was on national Television and they had all the evidence, and even spoke to the police.

    Nice try though.

    The main points of -concern- for blockchain users:
    1. The company doesn't appear to be going anywhere with the social site
    2. The tokens are mostly not worth much

    When the reality is that the Social Site is still online, and still operational. And, we have partnered with entities to bring in more people, but we are not actively promoting the social side at the moment.

    The tokens are indeed not worth much, as there's little use for the tokens on the social side at the moment - from an advertising point of view, and from a token point of view. Mainly because the HIVE network directly isn't a good spot to land on for SoMee w/ all the current technical limitations of that platform, nor is it a good way to hold the tokens for value on the Hive Engine side, as that sub network (layer 2 on top of hive), isn't that reliable any more, and has frequent server/site issues.

    So, we are working on a different plan here. One that will marry both the existing social services as well as the blockchain services, using our own blockchain and our own contracts - but that, takes time to actually work.

    As to the claims that Chris hasn't paid anyone - and that it was Chris who didn't pay ME that caused ME to loose out on the house we were signed for in Colorado? That's utter nonsense. That was a scammer that took a lot of peole for money - Chris had nothing to do it with - in fact, if it were not for Chris AND the GoFundMe we would have been on the streets.

    Has this project gone slow? Yep! But, we are still here, unlike ALL of the other so called 'blockchain social media' services - we haven't disappeared, and we have done what we have done to make everything happen in a stable and smooth way. Does that mean that it may be a glacial pace? Probably. But, that's what keeps us here.

    And, as to the AI side - we are making great strides in it, even have current development teams working on some Agency SaaS based software to extend our AI services and offerings. So, given we have more than a few signed deals on the AI side, I highly doubt you can claim SoMee isn't doing things.

    This whole situation just frustates me to no end. SoMee isn't just about the blockchain, and it's not just about the token - in fact, if it were me, I wouldn't even want to consider the token at this time - I'd prefer we focus on AI and social media - but to keep our promises, we'll do our best to ensure that we offer a token that users will like.

    This is all i'm going to say on th is issue. You can read the offending post on if you want to read it, i won't even bother linking to the nonsense.
    Families, new to Colorado, lose thousands in Aurora rental property scam
    Two families moving to Colorado thought they had found the perfect home to rent, but it turned out to all be a scam.
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  • “One day you will find a crumpled disposable mask in the pocket of an old down jacket. And you will smile nostalgically as you adjust your bulletproof vest.”
    “One day you will find a crumpled disposable mask in the pocket of an old down jacket. And you will smile nostalgically as you adjust your bulletproof vest.”
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  • Diving into the world of #crypto means embracing both its potential rewards and inherent risks. Always do your research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. 🔍💡
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