Partnerships, Giveaways, and Revenue Share:

SoMee Social may partner with various companies to offer integrations of their services and allow users to use these services through SoMee's platform. By participating in partnerships offered on SoMee Social, users agree to comply with the Terms of Service as well as Privacy Policies of any third-party services.

SoMee Social utilizes its own raffle technology as well as technologies provided by Future Tech and BountyBloks to offer giveaways to its users. Entrants acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by SoMee, as well as any third-party terms and conditions, revenue policies, and entrant policies.

Revenue share terms with different partner companies may be available to certain users. However, specific agreements with partners regarding revenue shares are detailed in separate contracts and are not included in these terms.

Current Contest/Giveaway/Raffle Providers: 

SoMee Social's current partner companies and links to their Terms of Service are listed below. Users must agree to these partner company Terms of Service and Privacy Policies if they choose to use their respective services:

- We Are Future Tech:
- BountyBlok:
- SoMee Social:

Giveaway Requirements: In order to participate in a SoMee Social Giveaway or Contest, users must comply with the following requirements:

1. Users must have a valid SoMee Social account.
2. Users must follow any additional entry requirements specified for the Giveaway or Contest.
3. All entries must be submitted by the specified deadline.
4. Winners will be selected at random and notified via email or direct message on SoMee Social.
5. By participating in a Giveaway or Contest, users agree to the respective Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, Revenue Policies, and Enterant policies of any technologies used in the Giveaway or Contest.

Giveaway, Raffle, and Contest Terms of Service:

By participating in any giveaway, raffle, or contest on SoMee Social, you fully agree to follow the terms and conditions outlined by SoMee Social as well as any third-party terms and conditions.

SoMee Social uses various technologies and platforms to manage giveaways, raffles, and contests. SoMee's marketing APIs, FutureTech's technology, BountyBloks' technology will be used. If a third party is involved in managing a certain giveaway, raffle, or contest, these third parties’ policies and regulations will also apply.

By participating in SoMee Social's giveaways, raffles, or contests, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks, limitations, and conditions involved. You also understand that in the event of a dispute or the determination of the winner, the decision of SoMee Social or the third-party running the given giveaway, raffle, or contest is final and binding.

We recommend that all users read and review the rules and regulations for each giveaway, raffle, or contest before participating.


Contest and Giveaway Program Requirements for all Partners, and Providers: 

Overall, the goal of a Giveaway policy is to ensure that the terms and rules of the giveaway are clear and transparent, protecting both your company and the participants. By following these guidelines, you can create a successful and fair giveaway that is in line with best industry practices.  Each of the contests should have at least the following information: 
I. Introduction
- Brief statement about the purpose of the policy, which is to provide guidelines for partners wishing to run giveaways on SoMee or with SoMee users.

II. Eligibility
- Specify who is eligible to enter the giveaway and any restrictions or limitations.

III. Entry Methods
- Outline the various ways participants can enter the giveaway (e.g., by following SoMee on social media, sharing the giveaway post, etc.).

IV. Prize Details
- Provide a description of the prize/s being given away, including any relevant terms and conditions (e.g., expiration date, redemption process).

V. Winner Selection and Notification
- Describe how winners will be selected (e.g., random draw, judged contest) and how they will be notified.

VI. Partners' Responsibilities
- Explain the responsibilities of partners wishing to run giveaways, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations, obtaining necessary permissions, and providing accurate information about the giveaway.

VII. User Responsibilities
- Outline the responsibilities of users entering the giveaway, including submitting accurate information and complying with the terms and conditions.

VIII. Liability
- Clarify that SoMee is not responsible for any issues related to the giveaway or prizes, and that participants input details at their own risk.

IX. Termination
- Explain that SoMee reserves the right to terminate or modify the giveaway at any time and for any reason.

X. Links to Related Policies
- Include clickable links to policies that relate to the giveaway, such as the Terms of Service.

XI. Contact Information
- Provide contact information for SoMee support in case of any questions or concerns.

Reward Program

We offer our users the ability to earn reward points through Skrill Knect. Users can connect their SoMee accounts to Skrill Knect to bolster their rewards, and use Skrill Knect to earn more rewards on the platform. However, in order to do so, users must agree to the terms of service for both SoMee and Skrill Knect. SoMee cannot be held responsible for any issues, technical or otherwise, that Skrill Knect may cause. Please read the Skrill Knect terms of service carefully at

SoMee Points Reward Program

The SoMee Points Rewards program allows users to earn points for actions taken on SoMee Social and use those points for actions on their account, as well as to pay for services on SoMee Social. Points are not fiat currency, have no actual value, and cannot be converted to fiat currency. Points are just loyalty points that are not backed by any currency.