Verkauf's MÜNCHEN, Sale's MUNICH,
we offer you a free alternative to various sites where you can sell things that you no longer need.
The principle is simple:
Do you have something you would like to sell? Then post a picture with an exact asking price, data & facts. The one who is interested in it comments below and you handle your business via PM's. Should you pull each other over the table, we assume no liability. You have to work this out between yourselves.
Please delete your pictures/offers as soon as they have been sold!

1. You are all responsible for your own offers. If a "deal" unexpectedly bursts or if the payment doesn't go as you imagine, we personally assume no responsibility. We only provide the group.
It is also at the discretion of the seller whether items are shipped and who pays the postage.
2. Commercial ads are not allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban.
It goes without saying that only legal items may be sold and those that do not disregard the protection of minors.
3. A friendly tone also goes without saying
4. Please don't sell rubbish - This group is not intended for bulky waste.
5. All posts require a specific price indication. There are other websites for bidding and auctioning. Links to Ebay will be deleted. Ebay classifieds are fine.
6. Offers in which pets are offered will be deleted immediately. You don't usually sell your hamster at the flea market!
Ads that violate the rules will be deleted without warning and the person will be permanently banned from the group.
Have fun buying, selling and possibly also swapping!
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