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Never expect great things from others.
Life is not entirely dependent on others. We still have to decide for ourselves. It's a personal concern if we're manipulated or expect too much from others. We still live in an imperfect world. Whatever the cause of something, we should never expect high hopes from others. If we do, we'll expect our lives to be dysfunctional. It's not healthy to cling to someone at all times. We need to stand with reason and live fully without the presence of others. This is the typical nature of a woman who is betrayed and can't be moved by it because she loves her loved ones.

In a relationship, we normally look for someone to hold on to. They're the support system for living with purpose. But then, some people so attached to our lives will never stay there for long. Protecting us with such expectations necessary to live independently. We don't want to fall into a painful moment and hibernate in the four corners of the room. This is a normal way of coping with depression. Being detached is normal within three months. It's like mourning the death of someone who has touched our heart deeply.

A person may be luckier and never have the chance to feel intense grief. He or she had found the right person. Life isn't a fairy tale. It's not always a story with a happy ending. But the world won't end there. All we have to do is tame the rage of hatred and never stop loving each other. Give yourself time to love before others do. Imperfection in love is good. Indifference can work as long as the person knows how to compromise and inspire great self-confidence. We have to believe in ourselves.

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