It is in the Montreal Jean-François Renaud (aka DJeff) grow and has he first began career. But he will get his first real launch in the old capital Quebec city, when he landed a residency at the popular Savini Resto-Bar Grande-Allée.
Two and half years later, the turntablist decided to found his own company Dark Night productions, specializing in the production of special events. And he's music producer
He's still greatly involved in the electronic scene for events. No limit to his ambition, his has 1 web show called Immortality Session on and on has an international reach. Need an unparalleled trip of Epic and Emotional melodies, listen to DJeff Renaud on
  • 97 Yazı
  • 56 Fotoğraflar
  • 0 Videolar
  • DJ / Producer saat Dark Night Productions
  • Hayatımızda Etobicoke
  • Kimden Brossard
  • Okudu Certificate on Web Integretion saat Computer School
    Class of Web Designer
  • Single
  • 12/29/1977
  • Ardından: 194 people
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